(one-day course)

IntroductionThe rapid growth of sea kayaking has seen many getting on the water for the first time, using this fitness based, cost effective means of transport.

Whereas most learn small boat skills with a yacht club, sea scouts or some other group, sea kayaking is lacking any specialised training programme.

Many are just buying the boats and learning through trial and error, a potentially costly way in an uncompromising environment.

Cable Bay Kayaks has been operating for over 20 years and we understand the problems novices face and can assist the more experienced paddler to advanced level.

Cable Bay Kayaks are members of KASK and SKOANZ. As well as extensive knowledge of the local area, we take active measures to continue monitoring our safety management systems and also practical skill sets on the water.

The Cable/Delaware area provides the most diverse paddling conditions around with tidal currents and overfalls, frequent surf and many caves and corridors to test boat handling skills.

We also have a wide range of boats and accessories for you to compare if you are intending to buy or upgrade your boat.

In summary this course will increase your confidence and enjoyment of sea kayaking.

Course Outline

* Introductions — followed by a brief outline: * Preparation: * Practical Paddle Skills: * Discussion on Rescue Techniques - Followed By Practical Session: * Discussion on coastal weather patterns, tides etc (using Cable and Delaware Bay as model)
- During this session paddlers can expect to encounter some adverse conditions:
- Discussion on how to deal with these ‘ bogeys ’ will take place enroute

* Discussion To Cover Further Instruction * Return To Base
N.B: The format may be altered for weather, tides & group requirement, etc

Important additional information

Our Introductory One-Day course: Cost

$150 per person.

$275 (Couple)
- Group discount ( 10% for groups 6 or more)
- Individual one day tuition $250

A deposit of $50 is required to confirm booking

For further information please contact NICK WOODS:

Phone +64 3 545 0332